Impressive, Expressive

Some people are really impressive. You take a look at them and they have impressive looks, impressive bank accounts, impressive achievements, impressive social standing, impressive background, and impressive bearings. Wow! I wish though that they were more expressive.

Life is simple. Humans complicate it. It is easy to complicate. It takes a lot of effort, energy, concentration and focus to simplify things. The mark of ingenuity is the ability to simplify the complicated. The mark of foolishness and stupidity is to complicate the simple. This thought alone would give us plenty to think about.

Happy weekend. Be calm. Don’t lose your cool. Control your temper. And I will tell you why, because you and I will always be the first victims of our uncontrolled anger.

The days and the times we enjoyed so much are not random happenings; they are the things we do that align with our purpose. Think about this. The day we feel most fulfilled is the day we were most creative. Because it aligned with our Creator. The joyful person is one who delights in Him and causes Him delight.

Again, happy weekend. Enjoy! Smile!

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