An Honest Boy

One of the questions we usually encounter during an interview is "What is more important, your work or family?” My response? My family. God first, next the Kapampangan and then the kids before career and work or business. But don’t get me wrong, I rise up and grind, I study and learn. I labor hard not at their expense but for their sake; teaching them to love God and understand the value and dignity of honest work. This is why my family comes first, it's my business.

One time, while waiting for a bus, a little boy was pestering me to buy some candies. To dismiss him, I handed him 100 pesos for his efforts, but he refused, saying that his parents have taught him not to accept money that he did not work for. He said it with such dignity and sincerity.

What he did next was admirable. When he did not have change for the 100 pesos I gave him, he told me that he would leave all his stuff with me while he went to look for a change. I told him that was not necessary, but he insisted, saying that he trusted me!

Lord, bless and reward honest people who do not go for easy and dirty money. Amen.

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