A True Friend

Sometimes you will feel upset when a mutual friend supported someone else’s point of view instead of yours. You may have gotten hurt and angry, and it strained your relationship with that friend.

Being angry can cause a lot of damage—emotionally, physically, and spiritually—both to you and the other person. But after your emotions subside, you may realize that your friend may have been honest and would want to help you know the truth and see things correctly. That’s a mark of true friendship.

Somebody says: Old woods are best for furniture. Old books are best to read. Old wines are best to drink. Old wise men are best to seek advice from. Old friends are precious.

And may I add, in times of prosperity, your friends would know you. In times of adversity, you will know who your friends are. Agree?

Remember these when you're going through some tough times:

1. Change always happens.
2. Do not worry about other people’s negativity. It’s not worth it.
3. Find a great learning experience. Time to learn a lesson.
4. Others will not be there to help us. Know who your true friends are.
5. I have gone through tough times before.
6. I can find something to be thankful for.
7. God is still in control.

Warning Signals

Warning signals are very important – they help us avoid danger, but only if we pay attention to them. Pain is the warning signal and alarm system for the physical body. Conscience is the warning signal and alarm system for the soul. We need to pay attention to them too. 

Don't allow yourself to ignore the warning signs. People who don't care for your heart and your time will want you to remain blind to the sign. If you see them, run. Life is too fragile to let someone waste your time and your love.

You may not be able to control someone's negative behavior. But you can control how long you participate in it. Tim Ferris says “The people you meet on your way up would be the same people you would meet on your way down." I believe this is true. So just be kind. And one of the dumbest thing to do is to treat someone badly or even constantly fight with the person who might become your boss one day.

Finally, here's a reminder of “do nots.” (not donuts)
1. Do not let pain make you hate.
2. Do not let the world make you hard.
3. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.
4. Do not take revenge. God says that's His business, not yours.

Peace, Silence and Being Classy

Do you know what “being classy” is? It is the act of choosing to be silent even when you have many things to say in front of those who would not be able to understand anyway.

Mr. Anonymous says; “Peace is not about silence. Neither is it about being away from troubles and violence. Peace is about a heart that trusts God even in times of distress, failures, pressures, troubles, and sickness.”

Been hurt? Offended? Pain still there? Takes time to heal. In order to move on, here is the important thing. Learn NOT to replay the hurts and pains in your mind. The mind always replays what the heart could not delete. The key is to fill the heart and mind with good and better things. Let it be a place where the Prince of Peace dwells. Let The Healer do the healing. But learn from the experience.

May God comfort you and spare you from all worries, tensions, anxieties, frustrations and stresses.

Have a pleasant and peaceful weekend!

A Circus Moment

There's a story about a jobless man who finally got a job in a circus, playing the part of a gorilla. Every day he delighted the crowd with his twisting and turning.

One day, he slipped and fell into the lion's cage and he began to scream, "Help! Get me out of here!" The lion came up to him and said: "Be quiet, you fool, or we'll both lose our jobs."

There are four words that stop, block, inhibit a person from learning more, initiating more, exploring more and growing more. These words prevent people from growing and discovering their potential. “It’s not my job!” If you want to grow you need to go out of your scope, show initiative and be willing to explore, learn and do new things. As you increase your skills, knowledge and competencies, the more valuable you become. 

Life does not force us to be the best, it only asks that we give it our best efforts. When we work more on ourselves than we do on our jobs, then we become better and our “best” actually become better. Invest in personal development. And enjoy the benefit for the long haul.

It will be easy for us to remove all the masks we put on in this life just to survive.

An Honest Boy

One of the questions we usually encounter during an interview is "What is more important, your work or family?” My response? My family. God first, next the Kapampangan and then the kids before career and work or business. But don’t get me wrong, I rise up and grind, I study and learn. I labor hard not at their expense but for their sake; teaching them to love God and understand the value and dignity of honest work. This is why my family comes first, it's my business.

One time, while waiting for a bus, a little boy was pestering me to buy some candies. To dismiss him, I handed him 100 pesos for his efforts, but he refused, saying that his parents have taught him not to accept money that he did not work for. He said it with such dignity and sincerity.

What he did next was admirable. When he did not have change for the 100 pesos I gave him, he told me that he would leave all his stuff with me while he went to look for a change. I told him that was not necessary, but he insisted, saying that he trusted me!

Lord, bless and reward honest people who do not go for easy and dirty money. Amen.

Strongest Asset

I’ve heard a lot of audio books while going back and forth from home to work; read materials on asset protection and it is important to know and understand them.

But our credibility and reputation is the strongest asset we have and we better do our best to keep it.

1. You earn trust. 
2. You are given respect. 
3. You are shown loyalty. 

If you betray just one, you lose all three.

Here's a story about an architect who was retiring from a prestigious company. The president of the company asked him to build a dream house, a showcase for his talent and know-how. Money was not to be a problem.

And so the architect started the project. But as he went on, he started skimping on the materials. Although the house looked beautiful on the outside, quality and safety were compromised. Finally, the house was finished. On the day of it's inauguration, the president of the company announced that the house was to be the company's parting gift to the architect. He realized that when he fooled others, it is only himself that he tricked.

One of the best advice I had in life came from my boss who said, “Hey, sometimes you are so serious with the person you talk to and it reflects to the other person which is making him serious too. Get over it. Let me give you two things to consider.

1. It’s just work. Why take it personally?
2. The world is a beautiful place. Why spend your time, energy and attention on ugly people? Move on."

I did. Never forgot the lesson.

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