Thank You

When we look back and wonder how we ever made it through this far, we realize that it is not because we were WISE, but because GOD has been GOOD. Not because we have been STRONG, but because GOD has been MIGHTY. Not because we have been CONSISTENT, but because GOD has been FAITHFUL.

2018’s almost over. Here are some very simple ideas to make the year ends a good year:

Be thankful. (in all circumstances)
Be kind. (even to the unkind)
Be encouraging. (use words of kindness)
Be credible. (always be truthful)
Be loving. (consider others first)
Be reliable. (always keep your promises)
Be positive. (look at possibilities)
Be excellent. (you do your best)
Be faithful. (love God love others)

So there, may we all have a blessed, productive and an even more meaningful and grateful year and the years to come.

It is not how much a person gets out of life that matters but how much he pours in. It is not happiness that leads to a sense of gratitude but it is gratitude that leads to a sense of happiness.

If the only prayer you ever said was “thank you”, that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart

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