Spreading The News

Many people are still waiting for opportunities; others are busy creating it. It’s not luck. it’s hard work and preparation. Not chances, its choices. So create opportunities, work hard, prepare and make right and wise choices. Be patient. Enjoy incremental success that comes as a result of this process until you hit tipping point and good things will start pouring in. 

There is a story about a barber who gave a free haircut to a German. The next day, he received a basket of frankfurters outside his door. After giving a Japanese also a free haircut, the barber found a bottle of sake wine outside his door.

He gave a Filipino a free haircut and, the next day, what did the barber find? 10 more Filipinos who received and were sending text messages about a German giving a free haircut!

They say that good people with beautiful hearts are like lighted candles. The darker the night, the brighter they shine. They do not make noise about their brightness and they do not lose their brightness by sharing it with others.

Like a lighthouse, let our light be seen by and guide those in the dark. I guess this is what Jesus means when He says you and I need to be the light of the world so we can reflect His Light.

Have a happy weekend. Let's spread the good news wherever we are, wherever we go.

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