Hold On

Hold on to your bonuses. Save money not wishing you would want to when you don’t have it but now that you do, SAVE IT! Do not go on a spending spree.

Money has a unique characteristic. When you hold it near your ear you will hear it scream: “Let me go! Let me go!” But the person who is wise and has mastery over his or her emotions would handle it properly.

The story is told about a mother who told her little girl: "No matter what happens, hold on to my skirt so that you won't get lost in the mall." "Yes, mommy," was the little girl's reply. There were so many people doing their last-minute Christmas shopping, and true enough, the little girl held on, and held on tight.

Two hours later, there was an announcement: "Calling on the parent or the guardian of a lost little girl wearing a blue dress and tenaciously holding on to a red skirt."

Hold on, no matter what, no matter where.

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