The Lion and The Mouse

We can learn much from books. We can learn much from education. Ultimately, it is the wisdom of God and the knowledge of Christ in an intimate and personal way that will carry us through in the toughest situations of life. Remember that God is always bigger than the circumstances.

The story is told about a proud lion who visited a tiny mouse. "Hey mouse, I'm getting married. What's the advice you can give?" the lion asked.

"Just remember this my friend, I too was a lion before I got married," said the mouse.

Do not say “I love you because you are beautiful, smart, good looking, cooks very well, do what you do, etc.” Those things fade and when they do what would you be left with? Say, “I love you for who you are and what you are to me.”

This principle still holds true. This is also the reason why we do not love God for what He can do for us but we love Him for who He is. He loves us not because of what we do but because He is love. And the closer our love for God is the closer we can have our love for each other.

Be humble; remove the illusion that we are bigger than what we really are.

Carry No Trash

Carry out random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

Where in the world would you see passenger trains carrying trash and garbage as well? Only in the Philippines! By the time a PNR (Philippine National Railway) train reaches its main terminal in Tutuban, its roof would be full of plastic bags of garbage and trash thrown from homes along the riles (railroad tracks). 

But that was before. Now, our PNR trains have been remodeled with triangular roofs so that any trash or garbage thrown into it would not stay. Yes our trains carry no trash no more! Galing ng Pinoy!

Sana ikaw rin. Carry no trash.

God has given us good uses for these; voice for KINDNESS, ears for COMPASSION hands for CHARITY, the mind for TRUTH, and your heart for LOVE. There is peace and joy in the life of the person who knows how to use these correctly.

A Chinese Proverb

Think about it: "He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. He who blames himself is halfway there. He who blames no one has arrived."

Always remember that when you blame you become lame. 

When someone you know specially your junior is successful, does that make you jealous or does that make you curious.

Better be curious. Find out what it takes for us to go to the next level. Refuse the temptation to sulk, whine and to blame. But channel the energy towards growth, development and improvement. This is always better.

There are those who always get themselves in the company of not-so-good people. Reconsider. Instead of being stressed figuring out why people behave the way they do, a better decision is to leave and choose a better company. 

Do not blame a clown for acting like a clown. Blame yourself for going to the circus. You are the company you keep. Choose wisely. 


As you go through life, don't forget to KISS (Keep It Simple, STUPID!)

Don't complicate your life, your relationships, your lifestyle. Simple is beautiful, right? Make your life simple and peacefully by keeping these attitudes in mind:

Gratitude for the past. Be grateful for everything and everyone, good or bad, in your past. Trust in the future. Learn to surrender all your plans and worries to the Father. Love in the present. Do your best now in expressing your love and you will have no regrets about the past.

When I was young I was stupid and foolish and made a lot of mistakes that hurt me and others. Thinking back I have a question for the young. Are you the type of person who refuses to listen to advice, from parents or older adults? You may dismiss them (thinking they’re just old-fashioned) only to find out later that they were right. 

What you might not realize is that they might have made a similar mistake when young and learned the hard way. You could save yourself trouble if you would trust them rather than having to experience pain by insisting on your ways. 

The word foolish literally means not applying the mind. We should constantly be on the alert. Mindfulness is a very important thing.

You and I are just one step and one decision away from stupid. This is why we need to subject our decision to careful thinking and good to seek wise counsel too.

Remember, don't forget to KISS! Live simply, love much, and laugh often.

Dream On

Keep your dream alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

The story was told about an interviewer who asked; "What would you do if one morning you woke up and found beside you $1 Million?

The American responded that he would go on a luxury tour. The Japanese said he would put up a luxury hotel. The Chinese said he'd put it all in stocks. The Filipino said he'd sleep again, so that when he woke up he'd have another million!

There are two things that can happen when we wake up in the morning; go back to bed and dream again or get up and chase your dream.

Here is how to bring our actions to the next level. Do more than care: HELP. Do more than believe: PRACTICE. Do more than belong: PARTICIPATE. Do more than be fair: BE KIND. Do more than forgive: FORGET. Do more than dream: WORK.

Everything we want is out there waiting for us to ask. Everything we want also wants us. But... we have to take action to get it.

Short Love Stories

The Pearl

Do you know how a pearl is formed? One day, while attending the wedding mass of a friend, the priest ask about this during the homily.

The pearl is formed by a clam, two halves joined together as one. In the life of the clam, a grain of sand could come in, causing much pain and discomfort. But the clam does not give up or split up. Instead, it envelops that painful, irritating grain of sand with much patience, love and perseverance, till after some time the very same painful, irritating grain of sand has become a precious pearl. 

End Part of the Bread

There is a story I read about a couple who had a beautiful golden wedding anniversary celebration. The next morning, as was his habit at breakfast for the past 50 years, he gave the end part of the bread to the wife. The wife exploded in anger, and said she was not taking that anymore, and went on a long sermon about how inconsiderate her husband was all these years.

The husband, all the while quiet, finally held the wife's hand, and said: "My dear wife, did you not know that all these years, I always thought you wanted the end part of the bread? Although it was also the part I liked most, every morning I sacrificed it out of love for you."

Honey, Sweetheart

A little boy who told his grandfather: "Grandpa, I'm so inspired that up to now, you still call grandma honey or sweetheart." Upon hearing this, the grandfather whispered to the grandson: "Don't tell this to grandma, okay? You see, I've forgotten her name!"

Normal People

I like people who understand. The type who aren't quick to judge. You can vent to them, and labeling you will be the last thing on their mind. They don't believe rumors because they know there are two sides to every story. They give you chance before they judge you. They get to know who you really are, then have an opinion. I like those type of people, real people.

One morning, in a mental asylum, an insistent reporter asked the doctor in charge how they would know if a person is "normal" already. The doctor said: "We do the bathtub test. That is, we fill the bathtub with water and give the patient a spoon, a cup, and a bucket, and ask him to empty the bathtub."

"Aha! A normal person would of course use the bucket, right? asked the reporter. "No, a normal person would just pull the drain plug! Would you want a room or a ward?" was the doctor's reply. 

Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

Happy Children's Day

A parent's unconditional love is the foundation on which children build their lives. The stronger the foundation the higher and stronger the children can build.

I heard someone say that parents are like diamond cutters. If they make the right cuts at the right angles, at the right proportions, they can produce a precious jewel. 

But if they make the wrong cuts - because of insensitivity, neglect, or recklessness - they can shatter the precious stone forever and come up with worthless pieces of glass.

Parents, are we producing precious gems, or worthless pieces of glass?

To my children... when I tell you I love you, I don't say it out of habit or to make a conversation. I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy children's day!

Father Remorse

Children shouldn't have to sacrifice so that you can have the life you want. You make sacrifices so your children can have the life that they deserve.

I read a sad story about a father who, while cleaning his brand new car, heard a scratching sound, and saw his eight-year old son writing something on the car door. In a fit of anger, he hit the hand of his son so hard unknowingly with a wrench that the tween had to be brought to the hospital.

When he came home, he looked at the car door and on it were the words written: "I love you Daddy".

There's nothing worse than a man that can be everything to everybody else... except a father to their own child.

A father thinks about his children day and night, even when they are not with him and he will love them forever in a way they could never understand.

Blessed Are You

I saw a tweeter message entitled "A Thanksgiving Thought" reminds me to count our blessings.

Consider this: If you have food, clothes, and a home, you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have some money in the bank, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy. If you woke up healthy this morning, you are more blessed than one million who will not survive this week. If you have experienced peace and freedom, you are ahead of 500 million people in the world. If you can read this message, you are more blessed than over two billion people who cannot read at all.

When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place. Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter. God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile.

And this is why we need to learn living life one day at time. Doing our best and trusting God to do the rest. So, blessed are you!

I love to be in the company of positive, realistic and authentic people. They are a blessing. It has been said that you and I become the average of the five people we constantly hang around with. Our friends may be the wind beneath our wings or they may also be the anchor around our feet. So choose your friends carefully and when they choose you, make sure that you are a good choice too. Be a blessing!

The Poor Rich Man

To give aid to every poor man is far beyond the reach and power of every man. Care of the poor is a responsibility on society as a whole.

There was once a story of a poor man and a rich man who were shipwrecked together. Who do you think survived? The poor man survived because his hands were free, while the rich man drowned because he held on and would not let go of his two bags so full of money and pieces of jewelry.

If only he gave one of his bags to the poor man; but no, selfish as he was, he held on to his riches and wealth down to his watery grave. If only he gave one of his bags, he could have helped a poor man, and he could have saved his life, he could have even saved his soul.

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money. I'd seen my father. He was a poor man, and watched him do amazing things.

"Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways." -Proverbs 28:6

Take It Easy

The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything. The better you are with your loved ones. The better you are at your job. The better you are with yourself.

A story was told about a tourist who chanced upon a fisherman strolling by the sea. Asked what he was doing, the fisherman said he was just relaxing ang taking it easy. Not wanting to let the occasion pass without teaching him a lesson, the tourist went on to advise the fisherman to work hard so that he could have more money.

"What for?" the fisherman asked. "If you have more money, then you can relax and take it easy," the tourist responded. "Well, that's what I'm doing now, relaxing and taking it easy," replied the fisherman.

Sometimes all you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breath and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.

The Power of Words

Words, they have the power to build people up, confine people to where they are, and break people down. Choose your words carefully before you utter them to others but most importantly the words you utter to yourself must be positive. Instill belief and hope within yourself. 

A husband who always came home late at night would always try to make up by greeting his wife: "How is the beautiful mother of my three wonderful children?" Somehow, he always got away with it.

One night when the husband greeted her with his usual line, the wife who was so annoyed with his style cheerfully greeted him: "And how are you, the father of one of my three children?" Puzzled and overpowered by the statement, the husband changed from that time on and always came home early.

Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well. Don’t mix your words with your mood as you can change your mood but you can’t take back your words. 

Words are containers for power, you choose what kind of power they carry. You can also change the course of your life with your words.

Good Human Being

Goodness is a choice. You have the choice to spread goodness in the world and be an example to others of what a good human being is. 

There was once a Hindu who saw a scorpion floundering around in the water. He decided to save it by stretching out his finger, but the scorpion stung him. The man still tried to get the scorpion out of the water but the scorpion stung him again.

A man nearby told him to stop saving the scorpion that kept stinging him, but the Hindu said: "It is the nature of the scorpion to sting. It is my nature to help. Why should I give up my nature to help just because it is the nature of the scorpion to sting?"

Don't give up your goodness. Even if people around you sting. Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. Good people are like candles, they burn themselves up to give others light.

No Worries

These words have always reassured me:

Be not afraid. We should be strong and courageous in the face of weakness. We should be brave in the face of fear.

Do not worry. We should persist in the face of failure. We stand again no matter how many times we fall. 

God has a plan. We should live out our destiny no matter our hardships. We stand firm in the FAITH!

God is in control. Trust God. He is still in charge.

Did you know that the words "Be not afraid" occur more that 365 times in the Bible? Wow! That's a good reminder for every day of the year and more!

Someone once said, "Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere." Be not afraid. Do not worry. God is in control. God has a plan.

Common Cents

In 1987, Mike Hayes, a freshman at the University of Illinois, found a unique way to finance his education. He convinced a popular columnist at the Chicago Tribune to ask his readers to "send in a penny for Mike."

"Just one penny," Hayes said. "A penny doesn't mean anything to anyone. If everyone... looks around the room right now, there will be a penny under the couch cushion... or on the floor. That's all I'm asking. A penny from each of your readers."

In less than a month the fund was up to 2.3 million cents. Donations came in from all over the US, as well as Mexico, Canada, and the Bahamas. Mike eventually ended up with $28,000! The common cent just isn't worth much - unless it's added to a whole bunch of other pennies. 

The strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.

God looks at the heart, not the hand and the giver, not the gift.

20 Don'ts to Remember

Treasure every moment and live each day to the fullest.

1. Don't wait for time. Make it.
2. Don't wait for love. Feel it.
3. Don't wait for money. Earn It.
4. Don't wait for path. Find it.
5. Don't wait for opportunity. Create It.
6. Don't settle for less. Get the best.
7. Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.
8. Don't compare. Be unique.
9. Don't avoid failure. Use it.
10. Don't dwell on mistakes. Learn from them.
11. Don't back down. Go around.
12. Don't close your eyes. Open your mind.
13. Don't run from life. Embrace and enjoy it.
14. Don't remember the dates. Remember the moments.
15. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
16. Don't force someone to remember you all the time. Just stay silent and let them realize how will they be without you in their life.
17. Don't feel bad if people remember you only when they need you. Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is darkness.
18. Don't forget to KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid!
19. Don't stop to PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens.
20. --please write your comment below for #20-- 

"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart." - Psalm 90:12

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