Tolls For Free!

It was after my children's Christmas party when we decided to go to the province and spend the holidays with Lolo and Lola. On the road, we were singing and dancing... it was one of the most wonderful times in my life when I get to spend time with my kids. It was also when I suddenly remembered that I still have the P500 pocket money for our snacks and since we were full I decided to put it to use... when we reached the toll, I told the teller that I wanted to pay for the tolls for the people behind me and whatever is left, she can keep it to herself. She smiled and said thanks. I greeted Merry Christmas and drove off.

With that simple act of kindness many smiles were brought to other's faces as well as mine. One driver caught up with me and waved thank you, the other had full of kids and presents and the waves made my day... so random acts of kindness are wonderful and brought smiles to many people that day. The most fun was trying to get the toll taker to do it... she looked at me as if I had lost my mind when I said: I would like to pay the toll for the 3 people behind me... it is a special memory and one I hold in my heart every day...

Hey, please don't tell this to anyone, it's a secret... :)

Making Someones Day Easy

I was eating breakfast with my son in a neighboring town during my vacation and saw an elderly couple having lunch a few tables away. They looked so happy and it gave me hope about future relationships and I got this great idea to make a difference.

I asked the server what their bill was up to and since it was under P200, I went and paid for it. I did not want them and my son to know while we were there, so I did it soon before we left. I felt amazing all day long, just thinking about how that might have made them feel when the server told them that a complete strangers paid their bill.

I hope more people will do the same, it was worth every peso!

The Lego Story - My Lessons Learned

Sure you have heard about Lego. It's a worldwide popular brand of construction toys. When you see construction toys made of bricks, be sure that it’s Lego – or at least it’s inspired by Lego. It appeals both kids and me, and carving an idea where creative people young and old can enjoy the same kind of toys – this is really one of a kind.

There are plenty of lessons you can learn from the Lego history. You can just visit Lego Wikipedia page. But audio-visual would work best – so, I’d like to share a great video. The Lego Story – a nice short story about the early days of Lego up until today.

This short animation – created to celebrate Lego’s 80th anniversary – can tell you pretty much about the story behind LEGO – it’s a good one. So, just sit back and relax – it’s a 17 minutes video worth-watching:
Very inspiring! I barely knew about the story behind Lego – how it continues to innovate and set trends for decades. Now, my lessons learned from the Lego story...

1. Don’t procrastinate! Knowledge is only potential power unless you act on it.
2. Failures will bring you success – if you have the right attitude.
3. Finally, if God took something away from your grasp He's not punishing you. But simply emptying your hands for you to receive something better.

What about you, what have you learned from the Lego Story?

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