Daddy's Germs

One day, a man had a flu.

To avoid spreading his germs, his wife dropped his plate and utensils in boiling water.

Their five-year old daughter saw this and asked, “What are you doing Mommy?”

“I’m boiling the dishes to kill Daddy’s germs,” she said.

The girl remained quiet. After awhile, she said, “I have an idea. Why not just boil Daddy and kill all his germs?” c",)

First Time in Heaven

One day, the Pope arrived in Heaven—and he met St. Peter plus a bunch of angels welcoming him. St. Peter escorted him to his beautiful mansion. As he was about to enter his mansion, a lawyer was entering heaven. And St. Peter rushed back to the Pearly Gates to welcome him; and angels ten times the number that welcomed him were now welcoming the lawyer too. The band was playing, trumpets were blasting, the choir was singing. And the Pope saw St. Peter bringing the lawyer to a mansion ten times bigger than the Pope’s mansion.

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