Presents and Presence

May God continue to bless us with: Peaceful thoughts as we are growing older everyday. Simple wisdom when we are facing difficult choices. Quiet Moments and Restful hours when the day is long, and above all... bless us with the LORD’s loving presence every day of our lives! 

The story is told about three brothers, who after years of hard work and leading busy lives, wanted to make their 90-year-old mother happy especially on Christmas Day. To make up for the years when they have neglected her and took her for granted, the eldest gifted her with a big house. The second son surprised her with a limousine, and the youngest gifted her with an expensive parrot that can recite the whole Bible.

After the holidays, they received a thank you note from their mother. To the first one she wrote: "Thank you for the house, but it is so big I can't clean it myself." To the second one she wrote: "The car is so beautiful, but I never use it because I have nowhere to go." To the youngest, she scribbled: "You gave me the best gift. The bird was delicious!"

As we prepare for Christmas, let's be reminded that the magic of Christmas is in both the presents and in His presence.

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