Surprise, Surprise!

Okay. The last quarter of the year is here. Some are exceeding targets so I am happy for you. Do not coast and cruise. Don’t be over-confident. Give it your best shot and discover how far you can go by the end of the year. You might surprise yourself and discover that you have the potential to do a lot better. Go for the stretch.

So you have not hit your target. So what? Evaluate. Find ways to do better. Don’t give up. It’s just three quarters and the better fourth is coming. So give it your best shot and give it all you’ve got. At the end of the year you will be happy to know that you have delivered your best. And you still win that way.

There's a story told about an 85-year old widow who went on a blind date with a 90-year old man. When she returned, she was upset. "What happened, mother?" asked her daughter. "I had to slap his face four times." "You mean he got fresh?" "No," she answered, "I thought he was dead!"

Enjoy and always remember that there will always be surprises at any point in our life.

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