Keep Your Eye On The Ball

As a little boy my father loved to play catch with me. I wasn't very good at it but he would play anyway. He was always telling me "keep your eye on the ball" as I would not be able to catch even the easiest of throws.

As I got older, we didn't play catch as much. If I had a problem and would go to my father and ask for his advice, he would try to make a joke with me and say "keep your eye on the ball." We would both laugh because usually that advice did not apply to the problem, but he would just try to make me smile.

But I got the point. It's about focus. When I get in a stressful situation I just tell my myself "keep your eye on the ball."

When you focus on your problems you will have more problems but when you focus on possibilities then you will have more opportunities. This has guided me all through my life. “Life is not just what happens; it’s how we take it” says Denis Waitley.

There will be flight delays, cancellations; traffic jams and rude people; unreasonable bosses and customers. It all boils down to how we take it and make the most use of it. 

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