Five Balls

Time is made. It is not found. If something or someone is important to you; you will not say: “I will FIND time…” Instead, you will say, “I will MAKE time for you.” You will always make time for the people, things, and tasks you consider important.

There are five balls we juggle in life: FAMILY. FRIENDS. HEALTH. WORK. SPIRITUAL LIFE

Remember, of these five, only work is made of rubber. The rest are made of glass. Don't drop any of them. They are fragile. Handle with care. Know that there are a lot of important things in life, remind yourself of what is really important.

Once you reach a certain age and have reached maturity, then you will no longer be impressed by a lot of stuff. More important things matter to you. If you are young and have this kind of maturity, then you are in a very good position to achieve success earlier than the rest.

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