Are You Full?

Change the way you think and you can change the way you live. Change your thoughts. You change your life. All you need is a spark of intelligence. A moment of realization; humility to accept the fact that you need to change. This is why we need to fill the mind with good and not trashy things. Think right you live right. A renewing of the mind leads to the transformation of life.

There was once a teacher who put rocks in a glass container and asked the students if it was already full. When the students did not answer, he put in some pebbles. Next, he poured in the sand. Finally, he put in water and declared that the container was now really full. He went on to say that if the process was reversed, that is, if the water was put in first, then the container would be already right away full.

Lesson? Don't fill up your life with worthless things that will never make you full. You can have all the money, power, positions, pleasures, but if you don't have God, you are not still complete and you are never full.

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