Afraid To Love Again

I saw a poster entitled DON'T that made a lot of sense.

1. Don’t love too soon.
2. Don’t trust too quickly.
3. Don’t quit too early.
4. Don’t expect too much.
5. Don’t talk too much.
6. Don’t make a decision when you are too happy,
7. Don’t make a decision when you are too sad.

Most people have a “TO DO LIST.” I guess we also need to have a “NOT TO DO LIST.”

It was several years since a woman's teenage son had died in an accident, but she continued to grieve. And grieve she did to the point that she became cold to her other son. One day, this son could not take it anymore and asked her why she ignored him. She broke down before him, embraced him, and asked for his forgiveness. She finally told him that she loved him so much. She confessed that she was holding back her love because she was afraid, afraid to love much again, and get hurt much again.

Love again and again in spite of hurts and pains.

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